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Party Facts and Questions
Some Common Questions People Ask :

Insurance & Safety:

Are you insured against accidents?
Yes! Pony Round Up is fully insured. We are also pending USDA approval which means are farm and animals are inspected for cleanliness and health.

Have you ever had an accident?
No! We've never had any accidents or incidents at all. Not even a sore toe from being stood on!

Do I need a permit to have a pony party in a park near me?
In general, no you do not need to get a permit. However, national parks and some local councils prohibit horse-riding in certain areas. Look for signs advising you, or contact the relevant authority.

Are your ponies well behaved?
Yes they are all very well behaved. They are rarely frightened by anything, and can handle popping balloons, kids crawling all over them and long days in the sunshine giving kids rides.

Is it safe to ride the ponies?
Yes. As long as you respect them and their needs, they will be happy and friendly. Don't hit them or throw things at them. Our party ponies are friendly and fun.


At my Pony Party:

Do you clean up after your animals?
Yes! Also are ponies do not wear shoes, therefore they will be gentle on your lawn.

Do I have to worry about the cleanliness of the animals?
No. All of our animals are clean and well taken care of. They are all healthy and free of disease. We will also provide hand sanitizer that we recommend everyone use after touching the animals.
What sort of place would be good to have my pony party? A backyard or driveway that isn't on too much of a slope is the best. If there is a park or a nice grassy place nearby then that would be nicer as well for the horses to walk on.
Can I hire Pony Round Up for our school or community event?
Yes. However, for longer events, ponies are required to have a break!


Other Bits & Pieces:

What do horses like to eat? Horses and ponies love to eat things like carrots and apples for a treat. At home in the paddock they eat grass and hay.

How should I pay for my pony party? You can pay your deposit with cash, check or money order. Cash is required for the balance due on the date of your party.

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